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A chair for the agro-ecological and energy transition.

The creation of the "Agricultural Methanization & Transitions" teaching and research chair brings together two structures, GRDF, a major player in gas distribution in France and Europe, and UniLaSalle, a Polytechnic Institute at the heart of the challenges of ecological and energy transitions, around common objectives: supporting the professionalization of the methanization sector, improving knowledge and stimulating innovation to meet the challenges of energy and agro-ecological transition

One of the main objectives of the ecological transition in France is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3% per year, 19% of which are associated with agriculture. The production of biogas in agriculture is one of the levers that can mitigate these emissions.

One of the major objectives to accelerate this transition is to develop biogas-producing agricultural systems that are respectful of natural resources and beneficial for biodiversity and soil preservation, and in synergy with food production. The future actors of the sector must be trained in these agroecological and territorial organization.

Preparing professionals for the challenges of agricultural methanization

At the academic level, this partnership translates into:

  • The creation of a specific training module on agricultural methanization from the start of the 2023 academic year for 4th year engineering students.   
  • The realization of projects of professional situation for the students around the methanization. GRDF and UniLaSalle will supervise the students in the realization of a project related to a given problem.   
  • The setting up of a continuous training plan: intended for professionals in the methanization sector, this teaching will enable them to improve their skills in the field, but also to acquire new knowledge.

Research oriented towards the sustainability and resilience of agricultural production systems and territories

Applied research is the second pillar of the "Agricultural Methanization & Transitions" Chair.

It will study the evaluation of the sustainability of methanizing farming systems by examining their economic, environmental and agronomic impacts. Their carbon balance and their consequences on soil properties will be key parameters.

The development of decision-making tools to support the transition of farming systems to anaerobic digestion will also be a focus of research.

The processes of perception, understanding and appropriation of anaerobic digestion projects by local stakeholders will also be a central issue for this work.

chaire méthanisation agricole et transitions

About GRDF

"Acting to give as many people as possible the choice of a high-performance, renewable, safe and affordable energy of the future, at the heart of local life."

As France's main gas distribution system operator, GRDF distributes gas every day to more than 11 million customers for heating, cooking and transport, regardless of their supplier. To do this, in accordance with its public service missions, GRDF designs, builds, operates and maintains the largest distribution network in Europe (204,239 km) in more than 9,500 communities, guaranteeing the safety of people and property and the quality of distribution. Gas is a modern, available, economical and increasingly environmentally friendly energy. With the rise of green gas, a locally produced renewable gas, the gas network is an essential link in the ecological transition. GRDF is a key partner for local authorities, helping them to achieve
local authorities to help them achieve carbon neutrality through their energy and sustainable mobility policies.

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