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UniLaSalle's research units rely on state-of-the-art scientific and technical facilities to meet the R&D challenges they face.

On its various campuses, the school hosts research platforms focused on cutting-edge technologies geared towards sustainable development.

The scientific and technological platforms are structured and put at the service of the various research programs in line with the strategic axes defined by UniLaSalle.

  • AgroBioTech: a structure grouping together 4 technical components and dedicated to plant cultivation under controlled conditions, growth monitoring, characterization of plants, soil and the micro-biodiversity present in the rhizosphere, right through to the characterization and implementation of bio-based materials derived from whole plants or crop co-products.
  • LaSalle O3 (Ozone R&D platform): a platform dedicated to ozone applications in the fields of agro-industry, agri-food, the environment and plant chemistry.